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Security of material,Property moveable/inmovable,is a major concern of every organisation,which tantamounts to a risk factor in any business. Professional security reduces the above risk factor in any business. Proffesional security reduces the above risk factor resulting in full concentration by an enterpreneur/organistaion to core activities. Round the clock,professional security,provides effective control at the entry/exit,accounting movement of material in/out of the factory.
ISPC provides professional,trained guards to ensure smooth functioning of men & material of an organisation / enterpreneur. All Guards are put through rigorous training schedule at our training center at Village. Bissar(Dist.gurgaon) under the ageis of retired defence officers.ISPC provides great importance to Quality of on job training and Supervision round the clock through a Controlroom.

Placement Services
ISPC has placements division with rich bio-data bank for almost,all the disciplines from rock bottom to top most levels. Before launching an individual/prospective candidate,who is screened by our faculty members,who are MSW and have on hand experience of corporate sectors. ISPC only launches such candidates who have been successfully screened through a series of interview sessions.

Manpower services
Our Services have following advantages:-
-Flexibility in hiring.
-Reduction in cost of hiring
-No permanent liability.
-avaliability of manpower for short duration/project related work.
-Vast CV data bank.


A thankless job but an important facet of an organisation/entrepreneur,which is very essential for the good & healthy environment. It involves daily chores of dusting/sweeping/mopping of floors/cabins/rooms and toilets.
ISPC's(House Keeping)services undertakes on turn key basis. The job is entirely carried out with trained and dedicated staff.We provide organisations/enterpreneurs,a healthy neat and clean environment to do their core jobs. ISPC is well Known for us expertise in assets & facilities management services in over 15 year of challenging experience & extensive domain knowledge. Our core competency lies in managing facilities with an infrastructure to provide the round the clock supports to our clients.


Professional Security solutions to secure industrial residentials commercial buildings. we offer CCTV cameras,digital video records highbrid digital vedio records and access control. we have attendence machine.

Ispc has recently added this division. we undertake indoor/outdoor,horticulture development and maintenance through a highly professional and motivated team of supervisors & mail's. We also Provide Potted plants for indoor/outdoors use. ISPC has an expertise in Landscaping. We have couple of resorts and farm houses in & around to our credit.